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Residential Grading and Excavating Services Jefferson, WI

excavation and grading in jefferson county wi
excavation and grading in jefferson wisconsin

Excavation & Grading

Excavating and grading your property is the bread and butter of our business, and we make sure your project is just as smooth. For many years, we have been offering customers throughout southern Wisconsin high-quality excavating services done with precision, exactness and in a timely manner.

Whether your project is building a new home, expanding your freestall barn or building a new warehouse, you can count on the highly experienced contractors at Gallitz Grading. We’ve dug through any kind of Wisconsin soil in our area, and can deliver an excellent excavation project ready for your building. Our experienced professionals also grade your property to accommodate water drainage during our long Wisconsin winters and rainy summers.

Gravel Driveways

Need a driveway for your new home, work shed or barn? We have the equipment that can make that vision a reality—-and keep that driveway level as the unpredictable Wisconsin weather, vehicles and machinery wear them down. At Gallitz Grading, we establish a good base with excellent drainage and fill in the holes that occur in gravel driveways as the years wear it down.

residential and commercial excavation and grading in jefferson wisconsin
commercial excavation and grading in jefferson wi

Septic and Mound Systems

Gallitz Grading is your one-stop shop for installing new septic systems and repairing faulty septic systems in southern Wisconsin. From the start to finish of your septic project, we can facilitate soil testing, obtain permits, install a new septic system, determine the cause of your faulty system and repair the problem.

Building a new home? We not only install the system you need for your dream home, but we get you started—with soil testing and permits, and figuring out what the right system is for your new home. Then, we install the new system and grade your soil for optimum operation. Step by step, we’ve got you covered.

Have a faulty septic system but don’t know the cause? Call us for a free estimate. We can get to the root of the problem, and make the necessary repairs. Whether its a leaky pipe, or your leaching bed is bad, we are your one-stop shop when you need that septic system fixed NOW.

Sewer & Water Laterals


When building that new home, give us a call. Not only can Gallitz Grading excavate your new basement and grade your new yard, we can also install the necessary sewer and water systems that will get your new home up and running.


If you are a town or city resident, you know how important properly operating sewer and water laterals are for your daily life. That’s why it’s important that you call Gallitz Grading after your plumber finds damage in the sewer and water lines on your southern Wisconsin property. We can assist you from the start to the finish of your sewer and water lateral repair:

  • Excavate the area around the problem
  • Make necessary repairs
  • Fill and grade your area
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For all of your Residential & Commercial Grading and Excavating Needs

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